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2014 Wa State Rugby Loggers Mustangs Chosen!

Posted on April 30, 2014 at 11:30 PM

Congratulations to Dylan Ainuu and Dominyc Nakano being chosen to the 2014 Wa Loggers U19 side!

Congratulations to David Ainuu and Dan Garland being chosen to the 2014 Wa State Loggers U17 side!

Mustangs vs Kitsap

Posted on April 12, 2014 at 2:15 PM

Nothing to do on Saturday???? 

Prairie Mustangs vs Kitsap Renegades at 1 PM. The boys are undefeated this year and will continue their domiance over the Div II South. The match will be at Prairie Elementary in Yelm. Come out and support the Mustangs. GO MUSTANGS!!

Nisqually Youth Rugby Clinic

Posted on December 30, 2013 at 12:45 AM


Practice next Thursday 2 January 2014, at the Nisqually Youth Center! 6-8pm - however, be prepared to stay longer if necessary. We are hosting a clinic for Nisqually Tribal Youth from 5-6....if we need to stay longer than 8pm to help them get a feel for the skills and the game, we will! A no miss event for all ruggers.

Logger Clinic attended by Nathan & David!

Posted on November 5, 2013 at 11:05 PM

Mustangs players Nathan & David attended a clinic hosted by The Loggers & Salty Thompson the first weekend of November.  If lucky, Nathan & David could be chosen to be part of a new 10 week Rugby Academy - the purpose is to develop players who can compete in the future to be All Americans.  The goal is to ultimately raise the level of talent in the US upon which the USA Eagles can draw!

Serevi Camp

Posted on July 19, 2013 at 9:55 PM

I am Josh Young, Director of Washington for Serevi Rugby.

I am excited about the upcoming Serevi Rugby Summer Camp at Fort Lewis. This is going to be a fantastic camp, attended by 20 participants. Your coaches for the week are former USA Rugby Men's 7s player & Special Forces Reservist Nu'u (New) Punimata and Carrick McLeod, a graduating rugby player from Yelm High School, son of a military family, and headed to Central Washington University for rugby. Nu'u's father, Nick, has long been the face of rugby at Fort Lewis and served in the Special Forces for nearly 30 years

The camp runs from 9am - 3pm.

The field is located on 16th and Pierce on Fort Lewis. Behind the Tax center and behind the main post shoppette and gas station. Here is a link to the location via Google Maps.

Families can still register here :

If your kids love the camp, please consider attending our second camp, over in McChord, August 12th - 16th.


Remember to send plenty of

Water, Snacks, a hearty & healthy lunch,

Sunscreen, Weather approrpiate clothing, Tennis Shoes/Cleats

In case of emergency, you can reach Nu'u via his cell: 253.267.9847. You can also reach me, anytime, via email, or at 253.740.7857.

We will post update of the camp, periodically, on the Serevi Rugby Washington Facebook page. For those of you curious about the camp's activities, I've attached the camp curriculum.

One final note, don't rush on Monday morning. Some of you will arrive late. It will take a brief moment to get everyone checked in and find the field. There is no rush. Your kids will have plenty of time to play throughout the week and you will notice tired and happy campers at the conclusion of each day.

If you still need to make payment, we do accept checks, please make those out to Rugby Nation.

Feel free to email/call with questions and thanks again,



Prairie Days parade

Posted on June 26, 2013 at 9:15 PM


PRFC will meet at First Baptist Church at 5 PM tomorrow for the Prairie Days Parade. This year, Coach Jed has been kind enough to provide military transportation. At 6 PM we will move to staging area by the Yelm Cinema till the parade starts at 7PM. Please be on time. Crush or Mustang attire is recommended but not required.

Mustang Practice moved to Lacey

Posted on June 25, 2013 at 12:30 AM

Tuesday practice have been moved from 1st Baptist to Bush Park in Lacey.

Crush End-of-Season Party

Posted on May 24, 2013 at 9:50 PM

All Crush players and parents after the Prairie Bowl tomorrow there will be a End of Season party hosted at the George home. Address is 16658 Rainier View Dr. SE in Yelm. The George's will be providing Hamburgers so players need to bring drinks, chips, and fruit. Amber will be leading the tie-die shirts and there will be a bon-fire. Anyone that wants to spend the night is welcome. Bring your sleeping bag and pillow. Lets end the 15's season on a high note and get ready to move into the 7's season. Any questions contact Amber or Rob George 360-259-4065.


Posted on April 11, 2013 at 1:35 AM

Prairie RFC Policy of Zero Tolerance: If alcohol or illegal drugs/tabacco are present at any rugby functions including practice, matches, fundraising and social events, then the player using or carrying said substances will immediately be kicked off the Prairie RFC team. No money will be refunded.

Rugby players will be sanctioned when witnessed by an adult talking about personal use of illegal substances: 

First offense will be a one game suspension.

Second offense will be a three game suspension.

Third offense the player with be kicked off the team for the season.

PRFC 2013 Budget

Posted on January 16, 2013 at 11:15 PM

2013 Proposed Budget


Overall Club Boys Girls

Assets                                                                                       Boys                      Girls

Team Fees (15s): Paying members - 30 Boys and 20 Girls     $1,800       $1,200

Team Fees (7s): Paying members - 15 Boys and 15 Girls       $300          $300

Corporate Sponsors                                  $3,500

Individual Sponsors                                   $1,500

Fundraisers -

50/50 at matches?                                                              $200          $200

Auction                                                     $2,500

Raffle                                                       $1,000

Team Gear (Sweatshirts, T-shirts, bags, shorts, socks)          $1,000       $1,000


Sub - Total Assets:                                  $8,500                 $3300         $2,700

Total Assets:                                           $14,500



Team Registration

U19                                                                                   $150           $150

U17                                                                                   $150


Practice Balls (15 boys, 10 girls)                                          $175           $120

Pads                                                                                  $200           $120

Water bottles and holders - 2 per team                                 $50             $50

First Aid Supplies                                                                $75             $50

Shop Light bulbs                                                                 $30             $30

Generator Fuel                                                                   $100           $100

Mouth Guards                                                                     $50             $35

Game Field Equipment

Paint for fields (8 boys, 6 girls - cases)                                 $280           $210

PVC, fittings, clips, glue                         $100

Tents, tables                                         $300

Ice for game day                                                                $35             $35


Financial Assistance (4 players each team)                            $540           $540

Homepage ar (expanded)       $75

Business Cards                                    $100

Photo Copies, paper, ink, staples - 15s Season $200

Photo Copies, paper, ink, staples - 7s Season    $50

Wa St Corporation Renew - Secretary of State   $70

Wa St Nonoprofit Renew - Secretary of State     $10

Referee Expenses - (4 season/2 Pre/Post Season matches each) $390       $390

Yelm School District 15s (Port a potti) Field Expense                   $75         $75

Yelm School District 7s (Port a potti) Field Expense                     $40         $40

PO Box Charge                                    $60

Bank Charge                                       $60


Nisqually Valley News                           $220

Yelm Cinemas                                     $125

Daily Olympian (On the Move -free)       $0

Coaches Development (Head Coach & Assistant)

USA Rugby Registration                                                        $90            $90

Continual Education(USA Rugby & Rugbywa                           $100          $100

Fuels Reimbursement for Head Coach for pre/season game day (7 each for boys & girls, max of $30 each)                                                         $210         $210

Replacement Jerseys                                                            $100         $100

Banquette - End of Year

Certificates                                             $100

Frames                                                   $100

Meat & refreshments                                $200


Advertisement, flyers, decorations, tickets $250

Raffle Tickets                                           $100

Team Gear (Sweatshirts, T-shirts, bags)                                $700             $700

Player of the Match Shirts (30 each team)                              $300             $300

Miscellaneous Expenses                            $600                     $200            $200


Sub-Totals:                                             $2,120                   $3,840         $3,445

Total:                                                      $9,405


One-time expenditures

IRS 501C(3)                                            $750

Generator - 5500W                                                              $600             $600

Shop Lights (3 sets of 1400w each team)                               $240             $240

Extension Cords, holders, adapters                                       $40               $80

New set of goal posts (PVC)                     $400

New set of goal post pads                        $1,500

Tents and Tables for game day                 $400

Total:                                                     $4,850

Grand Total:                                           $14,255


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