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Summer 7's Recap

Posted on August 23, 2015 at 1:50 PM

Post from Coach Dan

After many years of coaching, several state championships, players advancing to the national level, undefeated seasons....I have never seen a race so close that it came down to a tie for first place. The Prairie Mustangs finished the 2015 RugbyWA Summer 7s Series tied with the Liberty Patriots for 1st place in U17s. Four consecutive weekend tournaments, 16 matches, 3 points for a win, 2 points for a tie, 1 point for a loss. And in the end.....a tie for 1st Place. The tie breaker....point diferential over the entire 16 match series....unfortunately the Prairie diferential was slightly less than that of Liberty.

When we played Liberty last Sunday the match ended in....a tie.

Liberty was awarded first place, Prairie placed second.

Congratulations Liberty Patriots, what a great group of boys! And Prairie Mustangs...I couldn't be prouder of your efforts the Summer. smile emoticon

I've had an evening and morning to ponder the events of the weekend with the Prairie Mustangs. When standing on the sidelines of a rugby match, watching the Mustangs play, it is easy to let all other thoughts escape my mind, if just for a few minutes, to watch the spectacle of a rugby match. There is something beautiful in the teamwork, the drama, the camaraderie, the love really, among teammates. This feeling that they get to experience is awesome. There is an inner clensing that happens before taking the field....have I insulted or embarrassed any of my mates, do they all know how I feel about them, do I know how they feel about me? One thing is certain, you cannot survive on this field without them. They are about to put themselves into harms way for you, and you for them, so we get right with your mates first, then we face our giants...together.

We started the series as Mustangs, we ended as Mustangs. That is the reason that I will always prefer to keep a team pure of outside players. Players joining from other sides, just here and there, will never share the same bond as teammates, as pals. "I have your back", or "I got you brother", doesn't mean the same thing to those guys that have not built the blood bond from the beginning. They don't have the same enthusiasm to stand in the gap as your brothers do, and they lack the faith in your abilities...and you in theirs.

Success in rugby (and in life) starts by believing in yourself, then in your mates, then in the team, the plays, the patterns we run....then hope and excitement begins to snowball.

"Enthusiasm is the greatest asset in the world. It beats money, power and influence. It is no more or less than the perfect example of faith in action." =Henry Chester

When you believe you can master a process, you then have faith in yourself to perform the task. That very belief system elevates you to the next step. So you prepare and practice to perform each needed process successfully knowing that belief in yourself coupled with enthusiasm are the two partners of success. This provides you with the action-packed platform that fuels the engine moving you towards your goal with each effort given. Whether you feel your effort was strong or weak, each effort brings you closer to your ultimate goal of mastering the process. Put your fears to rest and your gears into motion. Take action by telling yourself, "I believe in me!" Then take that belief to the next level when you come to the understanding that we are not a bunch of Mustangs, not a herd of animals.....we are THE Mustang, singular. Together we are one.

I am so proud of you guys, not because of the outcome of the season...which was awesome, by the way. In reality, I have become accustomed to watching you win. What is unusual is seeing you lose.

I am proud not because I get to watch you play rugby, but because I get to watch you learn the meaning of "pals".

Enjoy the off season, but don't stopping working on yourself.

Coach Dan

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